A photograph on canvas is an ideal way to create impact and presence within an area or business environment. The larger sizes add a focal point to a room. The stretched canvases are the highest quality available and are offered in a range of standard sizes, for example 10x12, 16x20, 18x24, 24x30, 30X40 inches. Photographs can also be mounted on birch panels.

Paintings are on canvas or board panels, with the sides painted to match so they can be hung as is or framed. (Framing is not included.)

The photograph is printed on thick extra-high quality pre-treated canvas. The following steps are done by hand:

1. The ink is treated to prevent UV degradation.

2. The canvas is stretched onto wooden frames of 1.5 inches in thickness, gallery quality, and stapled in place. At the corners, the canvas is folded neatly.

3. The printed canvas is hand painted with acrylic glaze, at least two coats. This makes the surface waterproof and virtually indestructible. It also renders the image 3-dimensional.

4. Corner protectors are added and screws and wired are attached.

5. The piece can be framed or left unframed since the image continues around the sides.

The final art piece has the appearance, texture and longevity of a painting.