To produce the highest quality and most esthetically pleasing fine art photographs and paintings

When I was young I always had a camera in my hand. I loved travelling, which I did often on vacation and in my job since it allowed me to frequently indulge in my passion. When career responsibilities took over, photography became more of a part-time activity.

Since I retired from academic life in 2007, I have devoted myself to fine art photography and more recently painting.

I work exclusively with digital cameras and “develop” images in the computer. My expertise has come from multiple courses and workshops taken over the years at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Ryerson University, Toronto School of Art, Niagara School of Imaging, etc.

Painting is relatively recent. I paint on canvas or birch panels to produce original pieces, incorporating various media in the art work.


My home is in Oakville (near Toronto, Canada) where I have a studio, conduct workshops and show my work in my home gallery. To view, contact me:

I am an active member of the Toronto Camera Club, the Heliconian Club for Women in the Arts, the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals and Oakville Art Works.

Activities include

1) Portraits of women members of the Heliconian Club (a club for women in the arts), taken for a book released in Nov 2012. This project was special because the women achieved so much in their lifetimes. My objective with these and all portraits is to portray the unique personality of each individual.

2) Creative images of musical performers and groups for CD covers, 6-packs and other promotional material.

3) Photographing pets and producing large format paintings of these wonderful companions.

4) Travel to obtain unique photographs of people, streetscapes, landscapes and other subjects. My most recent project has been photographing the people and the streets of Old Havana, an area of the city that tourists seldom visit. These scenes form the basis of my book, "Havana Reality". See the images in my portfolio or slide show.

5) One of my current projects involves a combination of photography and painting in which the image is revealed through a veil of translucent glazes.